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The FourBlock Career Readiness Program is our flagship program that brings together a cohort of veterans to build meaningful relationships with top companies at the local city level.


Thanks to corporate sponsors and individual donors, there isn’t a financial cost for participants. We ask that you “pay it forward” and help other veterans make a successful transition.

Fill out the application and schedule a call with the FourBlock admissions team.

Upon completing the application and admissions call, acceptance emails will be sent out on the first and third Fridays of each month.

We recommend taking the program about 12 months before your transition, whether that’s leaving active duty or graduating from school. This timing can vary however. If you’re two years out from graduation and have identified which industry or role you’re most interested in, this could be a good time for you to make connections to secure an internship. If you’re six months out from graduation, this could be a good time for you to make connections to help you secure a new role after graduation.

In addition to attending a 2 hour in-person meeting, cohort participants are required to complete up to 3 hours of online learning each week. This coursework will be consumed via our mobile app. Assignments are submitted via email.

Yes! We recommend you take the course only when you’re able to commit to the weekly in-person meetings and online learning. If you’ve already been admitted for a specific term but would like to delay your participation, please contact your regional director.

Every transition is unique and we want what’s best for you. You’re more than welcome to see the program through to its completion. Most alumni choose to do so in order to continue building their professional networks and gain admittance into our alumni network. However, you’re also welcome to withdraw and focus on your new career. Even if you don’t successfully complete the program to become an alumni, we encourage you to stay in touch with us—who knows, you might be able to host a cohort at your new company in the future.

To learn more about your area’s course dates, instructors, and host companies, visit the Locations page and select your city.


Yes, we require participants to either have a bachelor’s degree or to be actively working towards a bachelor’s degree.

It’s not required, but we will work on both LinkedIn and resumes throughout the course. We recommend creating both (even if it’s a basic outline) so you’re not starting from scratch during the course.

Our dress code varies by city. Some cohort requires Business Professional for attendance, while some are more along the lines of Smart Casual. Contact your regional director for more information on your specific city.

No, program participants must be able to attend the in-person meetings each week. If you’re not near any of our current cities, we encourage you to take our online course: fourblock.org/online.

If you’re willing to commit to traveling and doing the work, we’d love to have you! Many alumni before you have driven 4+ hours each week just to participate. Attendance at the weekly in-person classes is required, so make sure you understand your time and travel commitment before registering. We’re confident your commitment will pay off, especially if you are hoping to relocate to that city, as you’ll make invaluable connections with professionals working at the area’s top companies.

The Cohort Experience

Every cohort is a little different. Our cohorts are made up of student veterans who are graduating soon, active duty service members who are transitioning out within 6 months, and even veterans who feel underemployed or are looking for their next career. Our cohorts are mixed also — former E-4s who are finishing up a bachelor’s will sit next to O-6s who are retiring after 20 years of service. The balance in some cities leans toward one group, but there’s always a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Our alumni have consistently affirmed that this actually enhances the cohort experience, as well as prepare them for the realities of the workforce.

Every week, each cohort visits a different company, where executives and employee volunteers help lead a discussion on different professional development topics.

The vast majority of our in-person sessions last about two hours per week, though Atlanta meets for three. However, many participants stay longer in order to continue networking with the host company—it can be difficult to prematurely end a great conversation!

We cover a variety of career readiness topics, such as networking, resume writing, negotiating job offers, and go into deeper subjects such as identifying a starting point and conducting a market assessment.

Cohorts run 8-11 weeks long and we visit a different company each week. Our hosts generally operate in the fields of consulting, finance, and technology, though specific hosts will vary depending on your location. And if you don’t get to visit a particular company that particular term, FourBlock alumni are always welcome to future events. Our instructor teams are also some of the most connected veterans in your city; they can also support you with any particulars. Visit the Locations page for more information on your specific city.

In addition to our local associate instructors and regional directors, staff members from the host companies generally help review the topics and go a little more in-depth. This provides a way for the cohort to get valuable insight into each company and gain a better understanding of corporate culture.

Absolutely! Contact your regional director or associate instructor(s) if you want to obtain additional help with resumes, networking, introductions, LinkedIn, or any other topics related to your career development.

Yes, we require participants to attend our in-person meetings each week, which are held are different companies within the greater area of each city. Each time you miss a week, you miss that opportunity to connect with an employer, as we generally only visit each company once during each term. However, we do have a “life happens” policy; there are situations that arise, such as a sick child or unexpected work trip, that may keep you from class for a week. If this occurs, our instructors and regional directors will work with participants on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, we require students to attend the in-person events as well as complete all online learnings. That combination is what sets our program apart and has consistently resulted in a successful alumni hire rate. When the cohort begins, be sure to set aside 2-3 hours each week to complete the assignments by their due dates.


A handful of universities provide credit for the course. Columbia University, which powers the online portion of our course, does not. The following universities provide accreditation for their students: Fordham University, UCLA, University of Washington.

No, FourBlock is not a placement firm or recruiting agency. Our program focuses on helping you build your own professional portfolio while connecting you to the best companies in the area.

Many of our participants end up making the right connections that ultimately lead to hiring and career advancements. However we don’t promise jobs. Our focus is on improving your professional development and networks. We do invite all FourBlock alumni to our mobile app that is invite-only for alumni and corporate partners.

No, we do not get paid by companies to place veterans. We are not a placement firm.

We’re able to offer our program at no cost thanks to individual donors and both corporate and philanthropic grants.