Our Veterans

Who We Serve

By self-selecting to participate in our rigorous career transition program, these dedicated veterans have challenged themselves to achieve more during their military transition. They are committing significant time and effort to developing their professional skills and building meaningful professional relationships that will enable them to find their new purpose, make better informed career decisions, and ultimately make a positive impact at your company.

More than 3,000 veterans have successfully completed our program and are now members of the FourBlock community. We serve predominantly formerly enlisted service members who are pursuing undergraduate degrees at four-year universities from across the country. We also have a growing active duty service member community who are stationed at local military bases and as far away as Australia!

Our alumni have been incredibly successful, with 84%* securing an internship or full-time position at the company or in the industry of their choosing and staying at their first post military position for more than a year. The average starting base salary for our participants is $92,811.*

* Based on 2019-2020 alumni follow-up data

Alumni Profile*

  • 96% of FourBlock alumni have at least one college degree
  • 27% active duty service members
  • 15% are female veterans (71% former Enlisted)
  • 56% disclosed a service-connected disability (22% have a SCD of 70% or greater)
  • 44% represent communities of color (non-white)
  • All majors and career interests, including finance, STEM, marketing, humanities, and HR
  • 48% served up to 9 years in the military (18% served 10 to 19 years; 31% served 20 to 29 years; 3% served 30+ years)

* Based on 2019-2020 follow-up data

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