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Our Story

Post 9/11 Veteran


Companies all across America have stepped-up to hire thousands of transitioning vets. But our story doesn't end here.


The Problem

Many veterans feel underutilized. Nearly half of all vets leave their first post-military job within the first year.

“I feel like I'm stalled in my career”

“My boss is unable to see my full potential”

“I have skills that are not being utilized”

*Mission critical

Veterans go from job to job, prolonging a difficult transition, while companies incur significant turnover costs.

Of commissioned veterans leave their first job within the first year

Of enlisted veterans leave their first job within the first year

The Solution

We're building a community of high-potential veterans and employers in a supportive learning environment.

Our Career Readiness Program equips veterans with the professional development, career exploration, and network needed to make strong career choices.

Of FourBlock alumni say that as a result of their participation with FourBlock, new career opportunities opened up*

Of FourBlock alumni feel FourBlock improved their transition from military to corporate life*

*Surveyed alumni

Furthermore, we’re ensuring that employers are hiring veterans into an environment optimized for retention.

Of FourBlock alumni remain at their first jobs for 12 months or more*

Of FourBlock partners say they are more confident hiring veterans for internships and full-time positions*

*Surveyed alumni and partners

The Future

Join our growing community as we improve the transition process and build veteran-employer relationships with the future in mind.