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FourBlock is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting returning service members in their transition from military service to meaningful civilian careers. After nearly 15 years, our flagship Career Readiness Program is taught by corporate executives in major cities across the U.S. and now serves more than 600 transitioning veterans annually.

Our mission is to equip veterans and military spouses to successfully transition to meaningful civilian careers. Our vision is to build a national professional network where transitioning veterans and military spouses can connect locally and attain the skills, resources, and relationship-building opportunities necessary to reach their career potential.

Our Story

Who We Serve

In 2010, FourBlock started with an inaugural class of 16 transitioning veterans in New York City. Today, we have grown into a nationwide community of professionals eager to continue to make a difference in our communities.

Each year, we now welcome more than 600 new alumni from across the country. The FourBlock alumni community is now 4,500 strong and counting. Our alumni have been hired at more than 500 different companies across the country and around the world.

From leading organizations to launching innovative new ventures, FourBlock alumni are tackling mission critical goals at top companies through the power of the nationwide FourBlock community.

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What We Do

At the very core of our programs and content is relationship building. We help veterans build lasting professional connections. Everything we do supports the opportunity for a transitioning veteran to have a conversation with a hiring manager, so they both may learn from one another, discuss career opportunities, and begin to build a relationship that may lead to meaningful employment.

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Our Impact

veterans have graduated from our program

companies have hired FourBlock alumni

average alumni starting salary, full-time, self-reported as of 2023

92% of alumni eligible for employment* during the 2023 school year reported finding a meaningful career within six months of program exit

100% of surveyed employees at participating companies say that they are proud that their company is supporting FourBlock and that they have been able to give back to the community in a meaningful way

*Program alumni not on Active Duty, in school full-time, or not seeking employment due to extenuating circumstances

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Our Core Values

Our core values are the backbone of how we behave as an organization, from board and staff members to instructors, volunteers, and students. Our work as a team is guided by these values, and we teach them to all students who participate in our Career Readiness Program as an essential part of their transition.

Act with Humility
Humility is defined as freedom from pride or arrogance. It means understanding and embracing our role while engaging with others.

Why does “acting with humility” matter? When we approach life, work, and our military transition with humility, we open ourselves to listening, understanding other points of view, learning new things, and discovering new opportunities.

Work to Build Trust
Trust is the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, and truth of someone or something. Transitioning veterans, who are in a vulnerable situation, are putting their trust in our ability to get them through a challenging time. Partners are trusting in us to follow through with what we say we will do.

Why does “building trust” matter? Trust is the foundation of relationship building. Without trust we do not have veteran students, partners, a program, a team, and an organization. Everything that we do must be centered on building trust with others.

Pursue Excellence
Pursue excellence means striving to be better at what we do every single day.

Why does “pursuing excellence” matter? We are positioning ourselves as subject matter experts in the veteran career transition space. We need to be up to date on the latest trends, information, and skills that transitioning service members and spouses need to have in order to make a successful career move.

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