Olivia Martinez-Stewart

Regional Director / West Coast

Olivia Martinez-Stewart | Regional Director: West Coast

Growing up on military bases and being surrounded by family members and friends serving in various military branches, Olivia gained firsthand experience of the constant adaptation required in changing environments, as well as the challenges and rewards of transitioning. 

Before joining FourBlock, Olivia held positions in various mission-driven environments, including the California College of the Arts, Stanford University, and Dolby Laboratories. In each role, she assumed pivotal responsibilities in team leadership, diversity and inclusion initiatives, talent recruitment, program development, and fostering strategic partnerships. Olivia holds a master’s degree in counseling, with an emphasis in Career Counseling, and has participated in numerous leadership and development certification programs.

Driven by a dedication to guiding others toward success, Olivia is poised to contribute to FourBlock’s mission of supporting veterans in their journey toward meaningful work. 

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