Anna Hopkins

Spartan Resources / Atlanta, GA

Anna Hopkins began volunteering with FourBlock Atlanta in the spring of 2016, its inaugural semester. Her initial role was to teach the “Dress for Success” portion of the program. After attending that first meeting, she knew she wanted to be a part of the FourBlock program and assist veterans to transition successfully to civilian life. After volunteering for two semesters, she was invited to officially join the team as an Associate Instructor in 2017.

Anna is a civilian with a strong connection to the veteran community. She works as a Technical Recruiter for an IT staffing firm, and operates Elevated Image, an image consulting practice. Her unique background provides FourBlock veterans a strong resource for a variety of the skills they will need to make a successful transition from military and university life to the civilian workforce. As a technical recruiter, Anna offers expert help with resume writing, interviewing skills, job searches, and networking. As an image consultant, she teaches enrollees the importance of a professional image and brand, and instructs them on how to achieve both.

She is committed to helping as many transitioning veterans as possible, and to helping FourBlock build a strong community in which veterans succeed and thrive.

Anna is an Atlanta native. She graduated magna cum laude from Georgia State University where she earned a BA in Spanish with a concentration in Business and a minor in Italian.

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