Bill Pola

Seattle, WA

Bill comes to us as a FourBlock alum and a 29-year Army veteran. Bill has worked in training and development in several capacities including as an ROTC instructor at the University of Washington. 

In his military career, he has served as a battery commander, mobilized in support of Desert Storm, and trained as a field artilleryman, logistician, and a public affairs officer. Deployments include two tours in Iraq and an additional one in Kuwait in support of the Center for Army Lessons Learned. His final position before retirement was as battalion commander for Washington state‚Äôs Officer Candidate and Warrant Officer Candidate Schools. 

His civilian and military career is supported by a BA in Communication Studies from California State University and an MBA from the University of Washington. 

In his spare time, he coaches CrossFit and is busy raising two pre-teen boys.

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