Playing Hardball – Transition Lessons in Sports

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This week, we welcome U.S. Army Veteran, inspirational speaker, and FourBlock Career Readiness Instructor Jeffrey (Jeff) Lodick to share insights from his life, service, and military transition; discuss the impact sports had on his life and the parallels between sports and military service; and talk about what inspired him to start his own purpose-driven business to pay it forward and help other veterans with their transitions. Jeff shares a personal experience that changed his perspective, and gives advice for other transitioning service members who want to learn about an industry that interests them before they begin the application process.

Born in Buffalo, NY, Jeff joined the U.S. Army in 1997, a year after graduating from high school, and enjoyed a 20-year career. He served as a Squadron Sergeant Major, Operations Sergeant Major, First Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, and Drill Sergeant. He was a paratrooper, master-rated jumpmaster, a Pathfinder, a graduate of the Army Air Assault School, and a graduate of the Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course.

Jeff has continued his service by assisting transitioning service members as a Career Readiness Instructor with FourBlock and as a podcast host of “On the Other Side: Leadership After Transition,” a podcast designed specifically to allow experienced veterans and those who truly want to assist veterans the ability to provide insight on leadership and the transition process. Jeff also founded Change Your Forecast, LLC, an organization that uses organized sports to teach life and leadership lessons to student athletes at both the high school and collegiate levels.

An inspirational speaker, Jeff serves on the Board of Directors for the National Speakers Association Central Florida Chapter and is a member of Toastmasters. Jeff will be releasing his book, Life’s A Game. Who Knew it was Baseball? in 2021. A spinoff podcast, called Life’s a Game. Who Knew it was...? which dives into all sports to show how life and leadership lessons have been pulled from players and coaches throughout the history of games at every level. Jeff is married to his wife Alexandria and has four children, three girls and one boy, ages 15, 14, 5, and 2.


Welcome to the FourBlock Podcast, a show that examines veteran career transition and the military-civilian divide in the workplace. General Charles Krulak coined the term “Three Block War” to describe the nature of 21st-century military service defined by peace-keeping, humanitarian aid, and full combat. But what happens next? Veterans are often unprepared to return home and begin new careers. We call this the Fourth Block.

FourBlock is a national non-profit that has supported thousands of transitioning service members across the nation in beginning new and meaningful careers.

Mike Abrams (@fourblock) is an Afghanistan veteran, FourBlock founder, and author of two military transition books. He’ll be representing the military transition perspective. Lindsey Pollak (@lindsaypollak) is a career and workplace expert and New York Times bestselling author of three career advice books. Lindsey will be representing the civilian perspective of this issue.

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