LinkedIn Raises Over $1,300 for FourBlock

The professional networking service will also host FourBlock’s Chicago cohort twice during the Fall 2017 semester.

LinkedIn raised $1,350 for FourBlock during a “Thirsty Thursday” fundraising event held on September 7 in Chicago.

Each week, LinkedIn’s Chicago office holds a fundraising/networking event to raise awareness and funds for different nonprofits. FourBlock was honored to be the beneficiary of the September 7 event, which brought in $675 from over 50 donors. LinkedIn generously matched that amount, bringing the fundraiser’s total up to $1,350.

In addition to the fundraising event, LinkedIn has committed to hosting two classes for FourBlock’s Chicago cohort during the Fall 2017 semester. The first class, “Your Digital Network,”  will be held on October 18, while the second, “Conducting a Job Market Assessment,” takes place a week later on October 25. Both classes will meet at the company’s Chicago office.

We’re incredibly grateful for LinkedIn’s support of both FourBlock and our veterans. LinkedIn is a crucial part of our curriculum, and we’re thrilled to be working together in multiple cities to provide veterans with world-class career education.

                                                                               FourBlock veterans at LinkedIn in 2016

FourBlock is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is the nation’s local network for leading veteran professionals. Each year, hundreds of veterans in every corner of the country are equipped to pursue careers right for them, thanks to the support of local FourBlock communities. From leading organizations to launching innovative new ventures, FourBlock veterans are tackling mission critical goals at Fortune 500 companies through the power of the FourBlock network. To learn more about how FourBlock is helping veterans transition better and building a national community of veteran professionals, visit

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