Gulf War Veteran to Embark on 3-Day Run in Honor of Victoria McGrath

McGrath, a FourBlock volunteer, worked selflessly to ensure Boston-area veterans transitioned smoothly from active duty to civilian life.

(NEW YORK CITY) – AJ Estrella, a 57-year- old former Army Ranger and Gulf War veteran, will run for three days in honor of FourBlock volunteer Victoria McGrath and her dedication to helping veterans.

Estrella will run non-stop from November 18-20 on Key Biscayne in Miami, FL. He’ll begin at the Key Biscayne Fire Department at 12 p.m. local time, following short addresses from McGrath’s father, James; a FourBlock representative; and the Key Biscayne Fire Chief.

After completing a three-day run in January, Estrella said another run was the last thing on his mind. However, that changed when the veteran heard the news of McGrath’s tragic passing earlier this year.

“I decided that I had to do something to remember someone who was unselfish,” said Estrella, “and who brought a room to life whenever she would walk in.”

Estrella then contacted McGrath’s father and learned of her involvement with FourBlock and her dedication to volunteerism.

“[That’s when] I knew it was sealed and I had to do a run that would bring honor to her and her memory,” said Estrella. “I want to send out the message that this is what Victoria lived for, and that FourBlock was a big part of her life. I hope that when I run the first 26 miles with my Army backpack weighing 65-70 lbs., and my desert boots, the public will see I am giving the best of me, and we should give to FourBlock and help make this run a success to remember Victoria’s legacy.”

McGrath, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings, passed away in March following an automobile accident in Dubai. She was 23.

“During her time as a FourBlock volunteer, Victoria impacted countless veterans through her dedication, kindness, and passion. I personally worked with Victoria to ensure that we could tell the stories of how veterans were being impacted through our partners. I am grateful we are now able to tell the world how Victoria’s work impacted the veteran community. Mr. Estrella’s run is proof of just how strong that impact was,” said Eric Ahn, FourBlock Mid-Atlantic Regional Director.

FourBlock thanks Mr. Estrella for continuing to spread Victoria’s message of selflessness across the country. Additionally, thank you to Orange Theory Fitness, repXplosion, and Redbull who will be on hand to support Estrella on his run.

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