Volunteer as a Veteran Career Readiness Coach

The FourBlock Veteran Career Readiness Coach is a front-line, direct-service volunteer that regularly checks in with and provides feedback to FourBlock students during an eight- to 12-week course. The purpose of the Veteran Career Readiness Coach is to offer regular support to students as they complete the following course deliverables:

  • Create and deliver a concise and effective elevator pitch
  • Produce a story that answers the question, “Tell me about yourself,” in a job interview
  • Develop a targeted resume
  • Update and improve a LinkedIn profile
  • Prepare for at least one mock interview
  • Develop a target list of companies that demonstrates a strategy for relationship-based career growth

The Veteran Career Readiness Coach will work directly with the FourBlock Career Readiness Instructors and Regional Directors to communicate students’ progress and identify students who need additional support and services.

The mission of FourBlock is to support transitioning service members and veterans with finding their new purpose and reaching their career potential. The goal of our Veteran Career Readiness Program is to help transitioning service members and veterans build the professional relationships they need to transition to a meaningful civilian career. This program is a semester-long course where we take a cohort of transitioning service members and veterans to a different corporate location every week to learn about the various companies and industries, learn and practice the technical competencies of a career search - and most importantly - gain access to and begin building relationships with the veterans and employers who work at these companies.

The core experience that we provide is when we bring together a participant with an employer so that they may have a conversation about career opportunities, learn from one another, and begin to build a professional relationship. The purpose of each class is to facilitate this type of conversation for every student and employer in attendance. The purpose of our curriculum is to prepare each participant for this moment and subsequent relationship-building conversations. After the course is finished, we work with our students to ensure they have discovered their new purpose and are able to begin meaningful careers. We then encourage them to be active members of our community and to come back to the program to teach, mentor, and employ the next cohort of veterans.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Provide support and individual feedback for one to three students per semester.
  • Engage in no fewer than five distinct conversations with each student, as outlined by FourBlock and in coordination with the course deliverables, learning objectives, and course timeline.
  • Deliver feedback to students in-person, over the phone, via video call, or on FourBlock Connect.
  • Keep track of student progress over the course of the semester and submit a completed progress checklist at the end of the course.
  • OPTIONAL: co-teach a FourBlock class in coordination with the lead Career Readiness Instructor or serve as small group moderator in one or more weekly break-out sessions.

Desired Experience and Attributes:

  • Passion for assisting transitioning service members and veterans begin a meaningful career in the civilian workforce.
  • FourBlock Alumni must have one year of full-time civilian career experience.


  • Approximately 5-8 direct service hours per student over the program semester. This includes time spent with students providing direct feedback, correspondence with FourBlock staff on student performance and progress, as well as time spent to review the curriculum and participate in any introductory training.
    • Additional time may be spent participating in the cohort session either online or in person (when in-person instruction resumes).
  • Coaches will be provided and expected to review and understand the course syllabus, curriculum and deliverables, and be able to access the FourBlock Connect platform.
  • We ask all coaches to commit to one school year (two semesters).


  • The FourBlock Career Readiness Coach is a volunteer position.

How it Works:

  • Coach receives all program information to include the course syllabus, curriculum, lesson plans, and deliverables checklist.
  • Coach creates a profile on FourBlock Connect.
  • Students are assigned a coach no later than week 2 of the program.
  • Coach and student schedule five check-in sessions throughout the semester.
  • During each feedback session, the coach reviews the students’ work, offers suggestions, and answers any questions that the student may have.
  • Coach alerts Career Readiness Instructor if student is experiencing any trouble with course deliverables.
  • Coach updates student progress form and submits as directed.
Bob Woodruff Foundation

The Career Readiness Coach program is made possible in part by a grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which is dedicated to ensuring that impacted post-9/11 veterans, service members, their families, and their caregivers thrive long after they return home.

To inquire about serving as a Veteran Career Readiness Coach for FourBlock, please reach out to the appropriate regional director:

Queta Rodriguez | Texas - South | qrodriguez@fourblock.org

Roger Roley | Southeast | rroley@fourblock.org

Eric Stetson | Northeast | estetson@fourblock.org

Karl Himes | West | khimes@fourblock.org

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