General Krulak Joins FourBlock Board of Directors as Honorary Chairman

Years ago, General Krulak inspired the FourBlock name. Today, he joins us.

(NEW YORK CITY) – FourBlock Foundation is honored to announce General Charles C. Krulak, 31st Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps and President Emeritus of Birmingham-Southern College, is joining the FourBlock Board of Directors as Honorary Chairman.

The name FourBlock is inspired by a visionary war-fighting strategy authored by General Krulak titled The Strategic Corporal: Leadership in the Three Block War. In this piece, General Krulak tells the story of a young corporal leading his squad through a foreign city. Each city block represents a unique challenge that young service members would encounter in the future battlefield of the 21st century. The message of the article was very clear: we need to prepare and train our young leaders to win the next conflict, not the last one.

FourBlock builds off General Krulak’s vision to include the transition from the battlefield back to our communities. Wars are not exclusively won on the battlefield; ultimately, they are won and concluded by how we help returning service members to successfully integrate back home and become contributing members of our communities.

FourBlock’s message to returning service members is that the same principles and values that made you successful overseas, such as responsibility, hard work, and attention to detail, will make you successful here at home when pursuing a new career. Our message to corporate partners is that our community is not exclusive to veterans, and they too can join as an ally to help win the Fourth Block.

We sincerely thank General Krulak for his stalwart service to our country for over 36 years and his continued commitment to ensuring returning service members transition into meaningful careers.

General Charles C. Krulak

FourBlock is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is the nation’s local network for leading veteran professionals. Each year, hundreds of veterans in every corner of the country are equipped to pursue careers right for them, thanks to the support of local FourBlock communities. From leading organizations to launching innovative new ventures, FourBlock veterans are tackling mission critical goals at Fortune 500 companies through the power of the FourBlock network. To learn more about how FourBlock is helping veterans transition better and building a national community of veteran professionals, visit

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