FourBlock Teams Up for First Annual Veteran Tech Summit

The event aims to showcase tech-related innovations and opportunities within Seattle’s military community.

FourBlock is partnering with Code Fellows, Operation Code, and Bunker Labs for the first annual Veterans in Tech Summit. The event will bring together the Seattle area’s top technology, corporate, education, and civic leaders to showcase the technological innovations and opportunities available within the region’s military community.

Sponsored by Chase, the summit will take place September 13 at Code Fellows’ campus in Seattle, beginning with registration and networking at 3pm PDT and concluding with Happy Hour at 6pm. Company leaders, community leaders, hiring managers, veterans in tech, and veterans looking to transition into the region’s growing tech field are all encouraged to attend.

“The Seattle area is home to the nation’s fourth largest joint army and air base, the third largest navy presence, and the military has more than a $12 billion dollar impact on the Washington state economy,” said Code Fellows. “Seattle’s unique position as a focal point for both burgeoning technological innovation and a strong military presence has created some amazing opportunities for collaboration that this event intends to explore.”

For further details, or to RSVP, please visit Eventbrite.

FourBlock is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is the nation’s local network for leading veteran professionals. Each year, hundreds of veterans in every corner of the country are equipped to pursue careers right for them, thanks to the support of local FourBlock communities. From leading organizations to launching innovative new ventures, FourBlock veterans are tackling mission critical goals at Fortune 500 companies through the power of the FourBlock network. To learn more about how FourBlock is helping veterans transition better and building a national community of veteran professionals, visit

Code Fellows is a Seattle-based, in-person coding academy that guides people from all backgrounds to change their lives through career-focused education. They shape passionate coders with immersive training to meet industry needs and improve diversity in the tech scene. Learn more at

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