Community Spotlight: Mike Liguori, FourBlock Denver

The USMC veteran is co-leading FourBlock’s foray into the Mile High City.

Mike Liguori

Service: USMC, 4 years
Education: Menlo College, Class of 2011
Major: Business Management
FourBlock Affiliation: Associate Instructor, Denver
Current Company: Self-employed
Position: Copywriter and Storyteller
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, getting outdoors, traveling

On March 27, FourBlock will launch its first-ever program in Denver, led by Mike Liguori and Van Steenvort. (Registration is open through March 18.)

In anticipation of Denver’s launch, we spoke with Mike to discuss his own transition journey and his history with FourBlock Foundation.

What struggles/barriers did you face during your transition from active duty back into civilian life?

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I wanted to get out. I remember asking what in the heck can a Motor Transport operator do without getting into trucking and had no clue where to start looking. College was great because I was able to explore other options and I met some great people that I now call friends, but I was missing the camaraderie piece from my days in the Marines. There is nothing like the friendships you make in the military, and it was a hard adjustment for me.

What drove you to become involved with FourBlock?

I met [FourBlock founder] Mike Abrams and [former FourBlock Director of Operations] Damien Bertolo when I lived in NYC during my time at the Mission Continues. We formed our first partnership together that saw tons of veterans utilizing the fellowship program and FourBlock to get the career they wanted. It was incredible! I always told myself that if I was ever able to volunteer or work with FourBlock, I would jump at the chance to do it, and I’m honored to co-lead the first Denver cohort.

I have seen the program itself help an incredible amount of veterans looking for a career that is meaningful and full of opportunity.

What do you love about your current company?

I love being able to work for myself and being of service to my clients. It is not easy running your own business but the joy I get from helping them achieve success is all worth it. I also love working with mission-driven founders and people looking to make an impact on their audience and customers.

What one piece of key advice would you give to veterans who are currently transitioning?

Ask for help. Reach out to your network, your mom and dad, whomever you know and ask them specifically what you need help with. They will help you, but you have to ask for it. Every successful person was helped by someone along the way to where they are now. I can’t thank those out there who helped me when I got out of the military. I wouldn’t be here without them.

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