Boston Marathon Runner Supporting FourBlock to Honor Late Volunteer

Victoria’s work continues through Boston Marathon runner.

(NEW YORK CITY) – Glenn Stowell is raising money for FourBlock by competing in this year’s Boston Marathon in honor of Victoria McGrath, a dedicated volunteer and survivor of the attack at the 2013 race.

Stowell, the former boyfriend of the late McGrath, made the commitment as a way of continuing Victoria’s legacy of volunteerism, which extended to helping transitioning veterans through FourBlock.

“She was a tremendously selfless person, always thinking of ways to give her time and talents away to those that could use them,” said Stowell. “Of the various groups she supported, Victoria had a special affinity for veterans, a connection that was forged through meeting wounded veterans in recovery programs and being struck by the similarity of their post-traumatic experiences and the mutual comfort that that commonality provided.”

After recovering from injuries sustained during the 2013 Marathon, McGrath decided 2017 would be the year she, alongside Stowell, returned to the race as a competitor. They began preparing for the 26-mile trek with light jogs in February 2016, hoping to rebuild McGrath’s strength and stamina. Tragically, she passed away less than a month later in a car accident. She was 23.

With the 2017 race on the horizon, Stowell says he needs to finish what he and McGrath started: “While this marathon is an opportunity for me to close a piece of business left open between Victoria and me, it’s also an opportunity for us to support Victoria’s legacy and to make sure that her work carries on.”

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